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Thanks for dropping by.  Even though this space has existed since 2008, I'm always a little thrilled to find out people read my ramblings.

Originally, the blog was a way to keep up with far-flung sewing friends, but it's become my most successful attempt at keeping a journal. 

But enough about me.  Let's talk about me.  Lifelong maker of things, whether it involved words, fabric, glue, glitter... I've always made things; what those things were depended on my age, where I was in life and what supplies or inspiration were at hand.  Trust me, at around age 9, Elmer's Glue was my best friend.  You could mix that stuff with anything and make something.

My first loves have always been words and fabric. Clunky handwritten stories, acted out by my Barbies. Appropriate costuming for said Barbies. Wonky clothes for me (who needed to read those pattern instructions?), then home dec items for my apartments and finally my house, then back to garment sewing for myself and my  husband, and then sewing for others - clothing, accessories . . . pretty much anything, really.  There are three constants in my life: books, cats and sewing machines.

I read at an early age, partly because my mom was a bookworm who would keep me at arms' length until she finished a chapter. This enraged me so much I learned to read so I could disappear on her. Reading led to writing, without even a thought. Also, writing was good for a kid without much money - you didn't need anything but time and school supplies, and I always had those.

For a long time, I wrote for me. For some time after that, I told myself I wrote for me. At some point, I realized that was crap, and that I wanted to publish the things I wrote. And now I am, and I'm writing another book, and have ideas for several more. Once the floodgates open, there's no going back. (At least I hope not, because back in my world would probably mean a cubicle).

Other things about me:

I have a vintage Etsy shop (mostly clearing out the detritus of decades of female packrat relatives), and my handmade shop carries my upcycled creations. (Saving the world one stuffed animal at a time, that's me).

I love comments; even if I don't always manage to respond, I read every one.  If there's a specific question  you have, or something you want to say, you can always email me directly at karen.heenan@gmail.com, or message me through my author Facebook page.

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