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Thanks for stopping by.  Even after blogging since 2008, I'm always just a little thrilled to find out that people read my ramblings.

I started this blog originally to keep up with far-flung sewing friends, but it's become my most successful attempt at keeping a journal I've ever managed. 

But enough about me.  Let's talk about me.  Lifelong crafter.  Just about literally.  I've always made things; what those things were depended on my age, where I was in life and what supplies were at hand.  Trust me, at around age 9, Elmer's Glue was my best friend.  You could mix that stuff with anything and make something.

I've also had passing flings with glitter, sequins (a job at a Middle Eastern restaurant where I caught the bug for costume making, though never the urge or skill to dance in them), fabric, paint, beads, the aforesaid glue, clay, a little bit of yarn (mainly endless chains in junior high which I then wove into a pink, purple and black spiderweb that I stapled to my bedroom ceiling), paper, silk screening . . . you name it.  Good thing my relationship history isn't as varied.

My first love, though, has always been fabric.  First doll clothes, then wonky clothes for me (who needed to read those pattern instructions?), then home dec items for my apartments and finally my house, then back to garment sewing for myself and my  husband, and then sewing for others - clothing, gift items, accessories . . . pretty much anything, really.  There are three  constants in my life: books, cats and sewing machines.

I have a fabric stash large enough to wrap my house, but I don't want to do that.  I also have bins of remnants from old projects, and bags of clothes rescued from thrift stores, free boxes and friends.  Somewhere along the line I stopped buying new and started repurposing old; it's both better for the environment and a fun challenge to my skills - what can I do with this garment that isn't big enough to reconstruct into anything?  There's always something.

When I started upcycling (recycling? repurposing?  I never know what to call it), it didn't seem like it was that popular, and now it seems that everyone is doing it.  Instead of trying to find a new shtick, I'm just glad to have the company.  We're saving the world, one rescued garment at a time.  It may not seem like much, but every bit really does help.

I have a vintage Etsy shop (mostly clearing out the detritus of decades of female packrat relatives), and my handmade shop is open under my own name, Karen Heenan, Useful & Beautiful Handmade.  I hope to see you there sometime, and here on the blog often.

I love comments; even if I don't always manage to respond, I read every one.  If there's a specific question  you have, or something you want to say, you can always email me directly at karen6790 @ msn . com (obviously without all the extra spaces).

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Anonymous said...

Hello Karen: I receive your blog on my email but I have been wanting to email you privately since discovering your blog several months ago via Full Moon Fiber Arts blog. I like the way you make things and sell them at craft shows because that is the way I plan to start my sideline business. I also read that you work temp jobs and that is also in my plans. I am now 56 and have been planning this for 15 years. I have stuff that I have made but packed in boxes as well as the UFO's all waiting to be sold!!! The past 15 years have been a life of marriage, two full-time jobs, moving to another city plus a year of my husband recuperating from two surgeries. But now that we are "settled" in a home of our own (we formerly lived in Houston, TX in a two bedroom apt for 14 years), I am taking a much needed time out to unpack, help my husband recuperate, go through the fabric stash and sew, sew and sew!!! It's been a long time coming. While living the fast, corporate life in Houston, I did research on what type of business I wanted to do and I finally came to the conclusion that craft shows are probably better for me. The e-commerce would be too much stress and here in Texas craft shows are a big thing. So thanks for your blog which is big inspiration to me plus a great read. I look forward to it. Anonymous from San Antonio, Texas